• Two-fluid Atomization Technology of Scent Machine Two-fluid Atomization Technology of Scent Machine Mar 22 , 2021
    The atomizer is the core component of the aroma machine. The technology of the atomizer directly affects the atomization effect. Now, let’s take a glance on the working principle of the regular scent diffuser machine. The air enters the atomizer core and oil bottle after being compressed by the air pump, then atomizer which applied with the two-fluid atomization technology to atomize the esse...
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  • The Power of Ambient Scenting in Public Dec 24 , 2020
    The captivating scent of cakes and the compelling aroma of freshly brewed coffee attract you to a bakery in the morning. A male moth is fluttering around, frenetically following the scent plume released by his female.What do these two phenomena have in common? Much more than we suspect, when we look at the molecular level. We are dealing in both cases with molecular recognition, which means deciph...
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  • Is Aromatherapy Important for Daily Life? Dec 23 , 2020
    Of course, aromatherapy is very important for most people!Aromatherapy is a good way to moisturize things silently to improve immunity and change the environment. It can directly affect and improve our respiratory system, emotional system and help to improve sleep.With the development of the society and the faster and faster modern life, people are very tired after getting off work every day, and ...
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