The Power of Ambient Scenting in Public December 24 , 2020

The captivating scent of cakes and the compelling aroma of freshly brewed coffee attract you to a bakery in the morning. A male moth is fluttering around, frenetically following the scent plume released by his female.

What do these two phenomena have in common? Much more than we suspect, when we look at the molecular level. We are dealing in both cases with molecular recognition, which means deciphering the information encoded in molecular structures. Therefore, the link between smell and emotion is so significant.

With ambient scenting you will create an environment which has emphasis on creating positive emotions. This means it recalls beautiful memories, a feeling of calmness, relaxation and an uplifting feeling of happiness.

Good quality of ambient scenting can eliminate odor and purifying air, it also plays a important role in scent marketing

Walking into a public transportation facility like a subway or metro, we are often confronted with unpleasant odors and a feeling of unsafely. Ambient scenting can offer a helping hand in improving these environments. A fresh and clean scent increases the perception of cleanliness of a space as does it improve the perception of safety. Another extraordinary effect of scenting is that people will experience time spend waiting – due to delay or other reasons- less long. Improving the overall ambience in a transport facility. Create a fresh and safe environment to match your transport business.

Scent marketing refers to businesses that create a unique fragrance indoors to attract customers and create pleasant and unforgettable consumption experiences for them, so as to achieve the goal of improving customer loyalty and corporate economic income and brand image. The unique scent is integrated into the brand to establish another type of recognition-olfactory recognition besides auditory and vision. Through the sense of smell, it can make people feel comfortable or make people cheerful, to form special attraction, recognition and memory. Imperceptibly it creates a kind of memory, so that no matter where customers smell a similar scent, they will remember their past pleasant experiences. It is matched with the visual and auditory senses to quickly improve the service level. Use scent machine or scent oil in your marketing approach to create an optimal shopping experience, let your guests enjoy, stimulate your employees and create the perfect atmosphere.


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