New Product VS580 - The Cost-effective Commercial Scent Machine For Hotel

Mar 10, 2021

The large space commercial scent diffuser VS580 is upgraded with HVAC connection and brand-new structure of atomizer, to make the diffusion covering larger space and more even during actual use. 

The specification

1. Large coverage with HVAC connecting pipe;

2. Light plastic shell, with 750ml capacity;

3. Wall-mounted / Stand-alone / HVAC scent diffuser

4. Particle size: 2.27μm

5. Oil consumption: 3ml/hour

    Testing condition: work for 300 seconds, pause for 5 seconds;

                                  oil density: 4.06 mpa.s; 

                                  room temperature: 20℃

6. Suitable for: hotel, office, private / public room, SPA space and other stores.


Coverage: 800 - 1000 sqm.

Power / Voltage: 10W / DC12V

Size: 223mm*107mm*282mm

Weight: 2 KG

Work noise: ≤ 43 dBa

Color: Cream


scent diffuser machine for hotel.jpg

Image of actual use

HVAC Scent Machine.png

In the year of 2020-2021, the global economy is badly affected by COVID-19, same as hygiene industry. So we upgraded this cost-effective aroma machine to support distributors to replace expensive metal scent machine, to save labour cost, material cost and also the related cost during international shipping. Hope we will get rid of the adverse effects of the epidemic as soon as possible and let everything return to the normal life.

DanQ Team

March 10, 2021

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