Ultra-quiet Scent Machine for Hotel - M62

Apr 28, 2021

DanQ new scent diffuser M62 adopts two-fluid micro-nano atomization technology, built-in LOT PCB intelligent program, which can be remotely controlled by remote controller or by APP on the phone. It solved the oil consumption problem of the industry - regardless of the amount of oil remaining in the bottle - the oil consumption data can be kept consistent. 

Using innovative noise-reduction design, the quiet effect is excellent, and can be placed independently. The main function of M62 hotel commercial diffuser is to create special fragrance styles for life. The product looks stylish and atmospheric, and the diffused fragrance is accurate and stable. It is suitable for hotel lobby, corridor, reception area, shopping malls, car stores, home and ecological museums.

M62 - Quiet Scent Machine for Hotel

* Ultra-quiet design;

* Particle size of atomization: 2.28~2.75 μm

* WIFI control + Remote control;

* Aluminum alloy shell;


Dimension: L195mm*W182mm*H665mm

Coverage: 1,500-3,000 cubic meters

Capacity: 1,000ml plastic bottle

Voltage/Power: DC12V / 15W

Work noise:<40dba

Net Weight: 6.2 KG

Oil Consumption: 3.0±15%ml/h (Max.)

Color: Black+Silver / Silver+Golden

scent machine for hotel.jpg

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