Is Aromatherapy Important for Daily Life? December 23 , 2020

Of course, aromatherapy is very important for most people!

Aromatherapy is a good way to moisturize things silently to improve immunity and change the environment. It can directly affect and improve our respiratory system, emotional system and help to improve sleep.

With the development of the society and the faster and faster modern life, people are very tired after getting off work every day, and want to relax when backing home from work, various plant aromatherapy is coming, and adds sentiment to the busy life.

A good bottle of plant oil or a stable aroma diffuser can not only relieve anxiety and tension in your life. It can also help to balance metabolism, balance hormones, fight air bacteria, viruses, and bad smells, etc. However, the effects of different plant oils are also different.


We all know that there are three ways to use essential oils: aromatherapy, smearing, and drinking. Some people feel that only when they are applied to the body or drinking it , there will be more direct and effective. In fact, aromatherapy is the most stable way to improve the immune system.


Aromatic molecules can directly act on the respiratory system through respiration; aromatic molecules are very small and can directly pass through the blood-brain barrier through the nasal cavity to reach the limbic system and activate the amygdala; through the respiratory system, aromatic molecules can also enter the systemic circulation to play a role , And it can be quickly metabolized, so as to care for your health imperceptibly without bad effects.


However, respiratory system and emotional system problems are not local problems of the body. They are holistic or chronic problems that need to be sustained and adjusted all the time. Rhinitis is not becoming better  when smearing, and emotions are not better when smelling. Sleep adjustment needs time and space.

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