New Aroma Oil

Dec 12, 2020

DanQ has launched several new aroma oil as below,

#1912 Levin - elegant floral note

Top notes: daffodil, honeysuckle

Middle notes: wisteria, jasmine, lily

Base notes: green leaves, white flowers

A cold floral scent oil, no powdery flavor, no human fireworks, elegant and refined.

#1912 aroma oil.jpg

#1619 Air in Berlin - compound scented tea

Top notes: white tea, bergamot

Middle notes: ocean, rose, white flower

Base notes: creamy sweet, musky

The essential oil "Air in Berlin" is wonderfully fragrant, majestic and peaceful.

#1619 essential oil.jpg

#1910 Quiet Bamboo - bamboo note

Top notes: grass, floral, lime

Middle notes: jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, green bamboo

Base note: white musk

Like the lush rainy season of the bamboo forest, the humid and sweet air in the misty bamboo forest.

#1910 scent oil.jpg

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