Wholesale Essential Oil Electric Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser HVAC

Wholesale Essential Oil Electric Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser HVAC

Two versions: WIFI + button control / Bluetooth + button control

Connect to HVAC system or used independently.

Equipped with a powerful silent fan, ensures accurate and stable diffusion.

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  • Item NO.:

    Q5000 WIFI / Bluetoo
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    FOB, Ex-works, CIF, C&F,...
  • Product Origin:

    Guangzhou, China
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    Black, custom colors
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    Huangpu, Guangzhou
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    1-15 days, depends on order quantity.
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Wholesale Essential Oil Electric Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser HVAC


Model. no.:


1st version: WIFI + button control

2nd version: Bluetooth + button control


DC 12V / 16W


5,000 cubic meter


W315mm*D132mm*H357 mm

Bottle capacity:

500 / 10000 ml aluminum bottle (optional)

Noise level:

49 dBa

Net weight:

7.05 KG 

(machine itself without accessories and package)

Installation method:

Stand-alone / HVAC Connect


Accepted(package, label, color, function, etc.)


connecting pipe for hvac system, connector, atomizer core, seal ring, metal key, adaptor, user manual, etc.


In order to meet different needs of customers, we have launched the following two versions of electric aromatherapy diffuser.

1. WiFi + button control

    Connect to WiFi through the mobile phone APP and the device to control the working status of the device under the same network without people handling.

2. Bluetooth + button control 

    Connect the device with Bluetooth through the mobile APP to control the working status of the device.


Packing & Shipping


Standard package: PP bag + Anti-collision foam + blank box + outer carton

Customization: Accepted.


DAP terms: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Aramex, etc.

CIF or C&F terms: by air to *** airport, by sea to *** seaport only.

Other terms: other shipping methods as buyer's request.


In order to ensure the best diffusing effect of scent diffuser hvac, please check and maintain the device regularly as the following steps.

1. Unlock the door and take out oil canister which is spent.
2. Fill some alcohol into the canister and clean it.
3. Install the canister on the device filling with alcohol and 
 make the device stay in working status for 5-10 minutes.
4. Turn off the power when finishing cleaning.
5. Take out the canister and fill fragrance oil into it again and install on the device, then lock the cover to finish the maintenance process.

Warranty terms

Warranty is one year upon buyer’s receipt of electric aromatherapy diffuser.
     * Include: Pump, PCB plate, inside wire.
     * Exclude: atomizer, atomizer core, seal ring, whole shell and other damages which caused by human or their wrong behavior.
     * If any unfortunate quality issue within warranty period, please provide detailed information for us to evaluate the issue(some issues can be solved by remote guidance without replacement).
     * If we confirmed the issue which only can be fixed by replacement, we will provide corresponding spare parts for FREE and maintain video for buyer to fix the issue. Notice: The spare parts will be shipped with your next order.


Q: Am I able to refill essential oil to this scent system?
A: Yes, you can refill the bottle when the essential runs out, and alcohol for clean maintaining.

Q: How can I lock it by button?

A: Press UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds to lock and unlock the programme.

Q: How can I adjust the flavor concentration for aroma marketing?
A: You can set the work time of the oil diffuser to manage the flavor concentration, like work for 30 secs, off for 30 secs, or work for 30 secs, off for 60 secs, etc .

Q: How can I connect the aroma diffuser to hvac system?

A: We will send you the manual with detailed diagram, and also video of installation in actual space if you need.

Q: What’s the material of this air scent machine?
A: It's aluminium alloy outer shell and acrylic front cover, for its good look, and to protect the shell from damage by oil.

Q: Will it come with the retail box?
A: Yes, we will send it with the retail box in blank (without any logo on it).

Q: Can I print / stick my logo if I order wholesale essential oil diffusers?
A: Yes, you can if the order reach up to 100 pieces per model.
    We will arrange the logo production if you can provide logo design in CDR/ AI format.

Q: Can we get the sample to check before place large order?
A: Yes, sample order is accepted for evaluation/testing before bulk order.

Q: How can I order this electric scent diffuser?
A: Email us with the models and quantity you need, our staff will follow your request up.

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Should any model be of interest to you, please leave a message here, we will reply within 48 hours.